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7 October to 10 November


A unique piece of jewellery to immortalise a birth, baptism or communion, or an item of everyday jewellery: the Talents boutique is seeking to educate children about unique, hand-made objects, jewellery to be treasured for a lifetime. Or to instil the lure of ephemeral jewellery that children dream about.

Fine craftsworkers: Armel Barraud, Bernadette Epitalon, Désidéro Bijoux, Lilas Force, Lucy Luce, Madrigal Bijoux, Monochromatiques – Isabelle Chen, Stefano Poletti, Ribambelle

6 October to 10 November

The animal sculptures of Athena Jahantigh

“Athena Jahantigh’s animal sculptures carry on their arched backs an immense iconographic heritage linking them to the parietal art of her native Persia, a source of affective and nostalgic inspiration for this artist, who has lived and worked in France since 2003. Combining this perfectly with her other great source of inspiration, cave paintings, she produces small, magical, hieratic and callipygian animals with strong, sensual forms and a highly modern sculptural presence. These are deep-rooted contemporary sculptures.” Nigel Atkins

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